Cloudscaler and AWS

Empowering Government, Defence, and National Security with AWS Vetted Partner Solutions

Cloudscaler delivers state-of-the-art cloud solutions that don’t compromise on security. As an AWS Vetted Partner, we specialise in designing, building, and operating Trusted Secure Enclaves that accelerate your journey to regulatory compliance — enabling you to innovate safely, efficiently, and at pace.


Why Cloudscaler?

Security at the core

AWS’ Trusted Secure Enclaves employ encryption technologies, strict access controls, and zero-trust security models to help safeguard your mission-critical services from internal and external threats. Cloudscaler will deploy AWS’ Trusted Secure Enclaves Sensitive Edition — a secure and scalable base — before extending it with our operational and risk mitigation accelerators to help meet your needs.

Compliance without compromise

In combination with AWS’ Trusted Secure Enclaves, Cloudscaler’s proprietary Cloud Controls Framework will accelerate your journey to regulatory compliance. Through the implementation of traceable, risk-specific technological and procedural controls, you’ll get total visibility over which of your risks have been mitigated at any point in time.

Unparalleled flexibility and scalability

Specifically engineered for sensitive and highly sensitive workloads, AWS’ Trusted Secure Enclaves offer unrivalled scalability. By optimising this platform in line with your short-, medium-, and long-term needs, Cloudscaler’s experienced architects and engineers will help you unlock the full value of your investment.


Cloudscaler’s services

Expert guidance and consultation

Shaped by extensive defence, government, and national security experience, Cloudscaler’s approach will help to ensure your AWS Trusted Secure Enclaves enable you to realise your desired outcomes and strategic objectives.

Bespoke configuration service

Cloudscaler’s experienced architects and engineers will expertly configure your AWS Trusted Secure Enclaves according to your unique security, operational, regulatory needs (and any other functional and non-functional requirements).

Managed service

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, as are the threats to it. Cloudscaler’s managed service delivers extensive, SLA- and KPI-backed monitoring, intervention, and optimisation support.


Trusted by the best

Cloudscaler’s commitment to excellence has made us a trusted partner to some of the most security-conscious organisations in the country. We have successfully implemented complex cloud solutions for large governmental bodies, defence contractors, and critical infrastructure facilities.


Get started with Cloudscaler

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