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Underpinning cloud success

A solid cloud operating model will help you ensure that:

  • you have a clear framework for managing all your cloud environments.
  • cloud is used and managed in a consistent, efficient and effective manner.
  • your organisation realises the benefits of cloud, such as increased agility, innovation, and cost savings.


Cloud operating model: the processes, tools and organisational structures used to manage the cloud environment. It includes the policies, procedures and best practices that optimise cloud usage, ensure security and compliance, and manage costs effectively.

Cloud governance framework: the set of policies, procedures and controls that ensure the risks associated with cloud adoption are managed and that the use of cloud is aligned with business objectives.

Cloudscaler Underpinning Cloud Success

Cloud Operating Model workshop

Better understand how to operate cloud efficiently.

Cloudscaler Operating Model Workshop

You’ll benefit from:

  • A two-day in-person workshop to share advice, experience and best practice.
  • An understanding of your current state.
  • A target state operating model including teams’ structures, roles and responsibilities and a governance blueprint.
  • A clear roadmap for implementing an effective cloud service
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Benefits of an optimised cloud operating model

Our team are experts in their field, helping some of the UK’s biggest private and public sector AWS users. Our Cloud Operating Model workshop will enable you to:

  • optimise your cloud usage.
  • reduce the risk of vendor lock-in.
  • take better advantage of emerging technologies and services such as generative AI.
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