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The impact of the cloud skills gap

The cloud skills gap still poses a significant challenge for businesses in the UK. If a lack of cloud skills is a challenge for your organisation, this can could have several potential consequences if it is not addressed:

  • Decreased productivity: without the necessary skills, your teams may struggle to use cloud-based tools efficiently, leading to lower productivity levels.
  • Reduced innovation: cloud is a key driver of innovation and without the necessary skills, you may struggle to take advantage of service updates or new cloud services.
  • Limited competitiveness: those who are able to attract, retain or develop cloud skills will gain a competitive advantage.
  • Security risks: failure to properly manage your cloud environments can lead to security breaches, data loss, and reputational damage, particularly as regulatory requirements around data privacy and security continue to evolve.

Whatever your skills challenge, we can help. Whether through training, staff augmentation or managed services.

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Cloud Skills Gap

Services to help you acquire and develop in-house skills

Bespoke Cloud Training

Designed for you

We can provide bespoke training, designed to develop skills in areas where you have a specific gap. This can help your teams understand latest best practice as well as keep on top of technological advances in order to future-proof your cloud operations.

Landing Zone Training

Develop your in-house landing zone capability

We can provide landing zone training to help your teams understand how to use a landing zone as well as how to build one.

We can also provide AWS Landing Zone training to share our knowledge and experience of AWS Landing Zones with your cloud delivery teams.

All training is devised based on the knowledge and experience of your teams as well as your cloud ambitions.

Cloudscaler Academy

Cloud training programme

The Cloudscaler Academy recruits and trains individuals to become qualified AWS cloud platform engineers.

The programme can be used as part of your corporate recruitment and training programme. We cover all aspects of AWS platform engineering as part of the course as well as some of the additional skills which make our team experts in their field.

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