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Landing zones explained

A landing zone is a centralised cloud platform which sits between the cloud provider and your development or product teams – it enforces common cloud standards, tooling and services.

By using a landing zone you can:

  • Simplify the use of cloud, making it faster and easier for delivery teams.
  • Embed and enforce standards across security, data, operations and spend.
  • Mandate preferred tooling, reducing technology sprawl.
  • Reduce duplication, providing pre-approved environments and services.

Hear from an expert…

Landing zones explained by
Martin Bishop, Chief Technologist, AWS

Cloud Leadership briefing

with Shelly Dar Rapaport, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Using landing zones at scale

In our recent Cloud Leadership Briefing we discussed the challenges of using landing zones at scale.

Watch now to catch-up on:

  • the challenges of scaling cloud adoption
  • how to use a landing zone at scale
  • an enterprise case study which provided top tips for accelerating the delivery of business value

Is a landing zone what you need?

If you identify with any of these scenarios then a landing zone is exactly what you need.

  • You have multiple cloud platforms with inconsistent implementations and approaches.
  • You can’t demonstrate you have mitigated the risks associated with operating workloads in the cloud and might be struggling to gain regulatory approval.
  • Your migration to cloud is taking too long, your approach isn’t agile or scalable.
  • You can’t find or afford highly-skilled cloud engineers for all your dev teams.
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Pick the right landing zone for you

AWS Landing Zone Accelerator

Cloudscaler is an approved AWS Landing Zone Accelerator partner, and a member of the AWS LZA programme.

We can deploy the AWS Landing Zone Accelerator, then use our ‘Compliance as Code’ Framework to create a mature, highly-secure and cost-efficient cloud platform.

Where needed, we can also operate your cloud platform and train your teams in cloud best practice.

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Enhanced Landing Zone

An enhanced version of AWS Landing Zone Accelerator which includes a extended catalogue of AWS controls, operational processes and guardrails across the disciplines of security, data, operations and finance.

Terraform deployment scripts will create your landing zone in minutes, ready for integration with your network. The Cloudscaler ‘Compliance as Code’ Framework is tailored to your standards and layered on top.

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Landing Zone Best Practice Training

Develop your AWS Landing Zone skills and capability.

Cloudscaler provides AWS Landing Zone training courses for your teams, sharing our knowledge and experience of AWS Landing Zones along with the latest best practices and trends.

Perfect for those who wish to improve their AWS knowledge, as well as those who are new to AWS or wish to re-train.

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Landing Zone Guide

Download our latest guide to all things landing zone.

  • The basics you need to get right before you build
  • Build options: advice on how to build a landing zone
  • The people part: top tips to ensure success and stakeholder support
  • How to enhance your landing zone to provide the right level of risk mitigation for your organisation
  • How to build for the future and plan for evolution
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The importance of cloud controls

Cloudscaler Landing Zone explained

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