Cloud Control Framework

Cloudscaler’s Cloud Control Framework provides complete traceability from the risks of building and operating workloads in the cloud to the controls and processes that fully mitigate those risks.

Helping organisations assess their coverage, maturity and to mitigate the likelihood and impact of security breaches, data loss, operational disruptions, and financial losses.

Our plain English catalogue of over 200 risks enables accountable risk owners to understand and prioritise the mitigation of risks which are most impactful to the organisation.

Even more powerful is the ability to monitor the compliance of teams and applications that use the cloud, quickly identifying where risks have not been fully mitigated and targeting remediation efforts.

It provides coverage across four domains:

  • Security – including identity and access management, encryption, network security, and threat detection.
  • Data Management – including data classification, data encryption and backup and recovery strategies.
  • Operations – including monitoring and alerting, change management processes, and disaster recovery planning.
  • Financial Management – including cost optimisation strategies, budget management tools, usage tracking and reporting mechanisms.
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  1. Cloud vendor agnostic – offering a consistent approach regardless of whether you’re using single, or multiple cloud service providers.
  2. Industry framework mappings – (e.g. NIST 800-53, PCI DSS) –  enabling you to quickly identify the controls needed to meet and exceed those standards.
  3. Guidance on implementing technical controls – providing guidance on the specific preventative and detective guardrails, as well as which hyperscaler services to use to gain compliance.
  4. Guidance on implementing process-based controls – providing process-based controls and governance  – where technical solutions are not available.
  5. Increased consistency – provides a consistent approach to increasing an organisations security posture, increasing the operational reliability while also reducing cloud spend.
  6. Structure – provides a structured approach to managing cloud risk including clearly defined roles and responsibilities,
  7. Oversight and accountability – for cloud operations, making it easier to manage, audit and provide regulatory assurance across all cloud environments.
  8. Increased risk awareness – building a culture of awareness. Enabling informed decision-making and clear prioritisation of risk mitigation efforts.


Implementing a cloud control framework is essential for organisations looking to leverage the benefits of cloud computing while effectively managing risks and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

It’s unlikely your organisation has implemented this level of rigour for their existing IT estate or on-premise data centre, moving to cloud provides an opportunity to dramatically improve risk mitigation for the organisation and tighten the security of customer data.

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Why trust us?

Our Cloud Control Framework is used to assess your cloud controls.

It has been developed over the last 10 years and successfully applied to some of the largest AWS deployments in Europe.

It is trusted by customers in highly regulated sectors such as UK Public Sector and Global Financial Services.

It has been successfully used to achieve regulatory approval, identify the root cause of security breaches and spiralling costs as well as highlight key factors undermining cloud value realisation and stalled migrations.