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In our first blog as Cloudscaler we wanted to introduce ourselves and tell you the short story of how we came to be. 

Cloudscaler was founded by our Directors Jackie, Neil and Andy who first met in 2014 when they were leading a large-scale transformation project at the UK Home Office. Building a mixed team of suppliers, contractors and Civil Servants and by using agile techniques, AWS and modern engineering practices they delivered a large and complex cloud transformation project, transforming the agility, pace, stability, resilience and performance of Home Office Immigration. 

This project evolved into, what was at the time, the worlds largest AWS deployment and ultimately helped to shape and inform the services that AWS provides customers today. 

In 2018, four years later, that leadership team founded Digital Dimensions, a digital transformation and cloud consulting business, focused on bringing the skills and experience they’d gained at the Home Office to other enterprise clients. By 2021 they’d delivered large-scale transformation projects for organisations including NHS Test and Trace, easyJet and Santander.  

Across many of those clients a common trend began to emerge. Our founders realised that fragmented and decentralised cloud implementations had become the norm for both new and early adopters of the cloud. Cloud promised to drive down costs and galvanise agility however the lack of a unified cloud platform and operating model was beginning to expose organisations to unforeseen risks which were rapidly becoming difficult to control.  

Independent cloud deployments by separate teams within the same organisation had created a proliferation of standards for security, IT and cost controls as well as operating models, this unchecked sprawl created inconsistencies and worse it was becoming increasingly difficult to track and manage, exposing those organisations to significant security risk. If these inconsistencies were not addressed spiralling cloud costs and security breaches would be somewhat inevitable.  

Through this decentralised cloud model, enterprises had in effect created rival cloud teams who were competing to attract and retain scarce cloud talent while working in parallel to solve the same technology challenges leading to divergent cloud architecture and inconsistency of tooling.  

Delivery teams were spending less time developing and more time/budget operating their bespoke cloud platforms. 

Jackie, Neil and Andy knew there was a better way for enterprises to govern their transition to cloud, reducing cloud costs and increasing the pace of cloud adoption. Their past experience and C-suite roles made them uniquely positioned to help firms do just that and so in 2022 Digital Dimensions became Cloudscaler.

Becoming Cloudscaler is a re-focusing our business to build, operate and support world-class enterprise AWS cloud platforms, giving enterprise the confidence to securely and effectively scale their cloud in years to come. With a services portfolio spanning cloud security, IT and cost controls through to bespoke and off the shelf cloud platform build and operations, Cloudscaler are the specialists in AWS enterprise cloud platforms.  

For more information on how Cloudscaler portfolio of cloud platform services enable your cloud journey please contact us via email or through the Cloudscaler website.