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Cloudscaler has achieved the coveted Amazon Web Services (AWS) Software Partner status and completed the Foundational Technical Review program for our Enterprise Cloud Platform (ECP) offering, to become a Qualified Software solution.

Becoming an AWS Software partner is an endorsement of Cloudscaler’s mission to provide secure, scalable and compliant cloud platforms for enterprise customers.

We built ECP as an answer to problems we saw again and again at the clients we work with. Fragmented cloud platforms and operating models exposing the enterprise to critical risks; a common issue for organisations rapidly adopting cloud.

Independent cloud deployments by separate teams within the same organisation create a proliferation of standards for security, IT and cost controls. If left unchecked these inconsistencies are likely to lead to spiralling cloud costs and security breaches.

ECP solves this issue, becoming a central unified cloud platform for the enterprise.

ECP itself is a foundation landing zone, deployable for 24 hours, which contains a set of centralised cost, security and network controls to ensure all cloud workloads adhere to best practice standards. ECP also has the added benefit of accelerating application delivery teams, enabling developer to consume cloud services quickly and securely.

For information about how ECP can accelerate and de-risk your cloud journey please email