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We’re pleased to announce Cloudscaler is registered on the Joint Security and Compliance Requirements (JOSCAR) system. JOSCAR is the accreditation and compliance system for the defence aerospace sectors including prime contractors, civil aviation, and security.

By becoming JOSCAR compliant, Cloudscaler can give our public sector clients the assurance that our cloud platform and services meet rigorous standards for security, reliability, and data protection.

“Becoming JOSCAR compliant was an extensive process which we were keen to undertake to demonstrate our capability to meet the needs of those public sector clients with particularly high security and compliance requirements.” commented Neil Butler, Cloudscaler CEO.

JOSCAR is a cross-sector collaborative solution that reduces the time, cost, resources, and duplication of effort involved in procuring services. The JOSCAR accreditation system holds common supplier information centrally and can be accessed by all participating buying organisations.

The JOSCAR conformity assessment process was thorough, requiring us to demonstrate compliance across many important areas, including:

  • Information security management
  • Data centre security
  • Communications Security
  • Incident response processes
  • Business continuity protections

We also completed independent verification by an accredited JOSCAR assessor. This ensures an objective evaluation of whether our systems and processes satisfy all necessary requirements.

Achieving JOSCAR accreditation demonstrates our commitment to data security and compliance as well as our commitment to meeting the needs of public sector organisations with stringent security and compliance requirements.