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Migrate from VMware Cloud on AWS to Modernised Applications on AWS to Reduce Cost and Business Risk

By May 7, 2024All2 min read

Recent news about the future of VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS has sparked considerable uncertainty. While Broadcom has reassured customers that the service isn’t going away, it raises an important question: Are you realising the full value proposition and business benefits of running on AWS? 

There has never been a better time to consider modernising your applications and infrastructure to leverage cloud-native architectures on AWS. By doing so, you can mitigate risks, reduce costs, increase agility, and take full advantage of AWS’ extensive services and capabilities — unlocking transformative benefits for your business. 

If you have ‘lift-n-shifted’ to the cloud by rehosting VMware workloads on AWS, you’ve already completed phase one of your migration. However, to realise further business benefits, you’ll need to take the next step by modernising your workloads: 

Risk Reduction: Simplifying your supply chain by running on native AWS services reduces your risk exposure.  

Cost Optimisation: Remove the need for unnecessary VMware cloud costs, only pay for the resources you need through AWS’s consumption pricing model and using serverless architectures can further reduce costs. 

Accelerated Innovation: Cloud-native services allow developers to rapidly build, test, and deploy applications using modern DevOps practices and automation. This increased velocity facilitates getting new innovations to market faster. 

Scalable and Resilient Applications: Leverage AWS’ virtually unlimited scalability and high availability architecture to build massively scalable and resilient cloud applications. 

Agility and Flexibility: Cloud-native allows organisations to rapidly adapt to changing requirements instead of being constrained by monolithic legacy architectures. 

Managed Services: Offload undifferentiated heavy lifting to AWS’s fully managed services to free your team to work on high value projects. 

Our Proven Modernisation Approach: Our modernisation approach guides you through this transformation: 

  1. Comprehensive Assessment: We assess your VMC environment, application dependencies, requirements, and modernisation readiness. 
  1. Strategic Planning: We devise a plan to refactor applications as cloud-native on AWS services like containers, serverless, databases, and more. 
  1. Optimised Implementation: Our experts work alongside your teams to create the implementation plan, migrating and deploying your modernised applications and infrastructure. 
  1. Continuous Optimisation: Ongoing cost, security, and performance optimisation plus automated DevOps processes. 

Take the First Step: Kickstart your cloud modernisation journey by scheduling a free Cloud Modernisation Strategy Session with our AWS experts. In this personalised consultation, we’ll provide: 

  • An assessment of your current VMC environment and applications 
  • Insights into the transformative business benefits you can unlock 
  • Upskilling of your team, whilst working alongside them on their modernisation journey 
  • A phased modernisation roadmap and implementation plan 
  • Don’t get left behind on aging VMC infrastructure; unleash the full business benefits of AWS’s cloud-native services and managed services. Contact Cloudscaler today.