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Since the beginning of cloud computing, cloud promised to significantly reduce not just infrastructure costs, but also operational costs – and the promised benefits didn’t end there. Cloud also promised to deliver a reduction in complexity, increased flexibility at scale and improved security. So, why does there seem to be a lack of confidence in cloud?

The truth is that the potential benefits of cloud have still to be realised by many, this is understandably causing frustration with some organisations becoming distinctly disillusioned. Cloudscaler speaks to a lot of organisations who have not yet seen the expected benefits of cloud, where cloud adoption has stalled or where cloud spend is spiralling and stakeholders are losing confidence.

While it’s easy to point the finger at cloud technology, Cloudscaler has found that, more often than not, it’s the cloud transformation approach, governance and cloud operating model that is the cause of any issues.

What’s causing escalating costs and lack of value?

Cloudscaler has helped many organisations realise the true value of cloud whilst also gaining control of their cloud spend. The most common reasons we see for a lack of innovation delivery and business benefit are:

  • Competing cloud platforms: lured by the promise of cloud, teams set off without a central cloud strategy or approach – this leads to multiple cloud platforms, all configured slightly differently and built with varying levels of thoroughness. This results in a lack of consistency that in turn increases risk, reduces delivery pace and undermines service levels.
  • Lack of a unified, clearly communicated cloud strategy: to migrate at scale, organisations need a clear cloud strategy that is effectively communicated. To ensure progress and delivery aren’t hindered by bureaucracy, it is vital that traditional waterfall governance evolves into an agile approach and flexible operating model.
  • No centralised tools, services and controls: if a central cloud team doesn’t provide delivery teams with the cloud services and tools they need, those teams will have to build their own before they can use the cloud effectively. This takes time, slowing delivery pace, but also results in duplication of effort across delivery teams.
  • A ‘big bang’ cloud platform: focusing on building the perfect cloud platform before starting to move workloads is a huge mistake. Just like waterfall delivery projects, this approach tends to mean the cloud platform is delivered late and over budget because it becomes too big and complex.

Build a platform for cloud success, secure by design

The strategy we have seen work consistently is the implementation of a single, secure cloud landing zone as recommended by the cloud hyperscalers. A landing zone is the infrastructure layer between the hyperscaler account and the business application teams who build and run their applications on the cloud.

The landing zone layer

Diagram of the landing zone layer in cloud infrastructure

A landing zone provides common cloud standards, tooling and services that mitigate the risks of running cloud-based production services – effectively encoding and mandating the risk stance of your organisation. It also simplifies cloud use and is the most important component for realising organisation-wide cloud-related cost savings.

Once your cloud strategy includes a comprehensive cloud landing zone and a well thought through cloud operating model, you have the foundation for cloud success.

Take advantage of best-of-breed

The key to future success is organisations recognising their requirements aren’t unique and no longer feeling the need to build a bespoke cloud platform – it’s a huge undertaking and one that means embarking on a journey of exploration, likely filled with trial and error. A journey which could take several years and incur significant cost.

There are already cloud services and products available to accelerate your cloud journey, ultimately saving you time and money. By using best-of-breed cloud solution,s coupled with the implementation of an effective cloud operating model and governance framework, you will reduce costs and accelerate the cloud transformation journey, unlocking the elusive benefits of cloud far more quickly.

Get your cloud journey back on track

We recently published a whitepaper which explains the hidden costs of cloud transformation. It gives transformation leaders top tips on how to avoid those costs, accelerate their cloud transformation and realise the value of cloud. You can download it here and get your cloud journey back on track.