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Cloudscaler has signed the Tech Talent Charter. We are committed to achieving diversity and inclusion within our team and the wider industry, and we believe that signing the Charter is an important step towards driving the changes to make that happen.

The Tech Talent Charter is an initiative that aims to drive diversity and inclusion in the tech sector by increasing representation in the industry’s workforce. The Tech Talent Charter organisation is a non-profit organisation that operates in partnership with industry leaders, government, and other stakeholders. Its goals are to:

  1. Increase diversity in tech by promoting best practices in recruitment, retention, and progression of underrepresented groups.
  2. Encourage signatories to report on their progress towards greater diversity and inclusion.
  3. Create a network of organisations committed to driving change in the tech industry.
  4. Provide resources and support to signatories to help them achieve their diversity and inclusion goals.

“People are at the heart of everything we do here at Cloudscaler” said Jackie Keane, Co-founder & Director.  “We’re passionate about building a team that is diverse and inclusive. We are therefore immensely proud to become a signatory of the Tech Talent Charter.  This alliance underscores our unwavering commitment to achieving greater representation within our team, and also helps us propel the larger initiative of fostering diversity and inclusivity within technology roles across the UK.”

Here at Cloudscaler, we believe that building a diverse and inclusive workforce is not just the right thing to do for our employees and society as a whole, but that it is also the right thing to do for our business.  A diverse workforce brings different perspectives, experiences, and skills to the table, which can lead to more innovative solutions and better decision-making. We also believe that having a diverse team will help us better understand and serve our customers. We become an all-round richer organisation as a result.

By signing the Tech Talent Charter, Cloudscaler has therefore committed to working towards the initiative’s four key goals, which we are summarised as “Empowering tech: unite, report, transform, support – a commitment to diversity and inclusion.”  By joining a network of similarly-minded organisations, we believe we can be a force for good within the industry, united in driving this critical change. Together we can create a more inclusive and diverse community that will benefit both those that work within it but also the society in which we operate.