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Project Sulangan is a charity focused on improving education for children in the Philippines. Cloudscaler previously migrated Project Sulangan’s website from a traditional hosting environment to a landing zone hosted using AWS which reduced hosting costs by 95%.

Project Sulangan is always looking to reduce their costs so that more funds can go directly to charitable projects. To further optimise costs, Cloudscaler has now migrated Project Sulangan’s website to a customised configuration of Landing Zone Accelerator (LZA).

As an AWS Advanced Partner and member of the AWS Landing Zone Accelerator Programme, Cloudscaler was able to successfully migrate the website and optimise the governance framework using Landing Zone Accelerator’s automated security and compliance capabilities.

Using an adapted version of Landing Zone Accelerator ensured alignment with latest best practices and compliance frameworks. Key capabilities of the new environment included:

  • Multi-account architecture following AWS guidelines
  • Secure network topology and transit gateways
  • Centralised logging and monitoring
  • Preconfigured security baseline with AWS Config rules
  • Built-in sensitive data detection using Amazon Macie
  • Central encryption key management with AWS KMS
  • Additional security controls tailored by Cloudscaler

Jessica King, Founder at Project Sulangan commented “Thanks to Cloudscaler’s landing zone expertise, we were able to automate our hosting environment. This has enabled us to realise significant operational efficiencies whilst also enhancing security – so definitely a win-win for us”.